EdictX – The house of concepts

EdictX is total one stop place for Concepts, Ideas & Products Promotions. EdictX is concept provider in the spectrum of advertising & promotions. The group of committed professionals are from the industry. EdictX ensures so that your concepts hit your prime target. The concept is promoted among the group and Individuals who are totally aware of new products and trends and who focus on what’s in & what’s out.

Our work for different audio & visual media for promoting the concepts and to achieve the goals. Breakthrough was established for Personality & lifestyle concepts. The Red Mars is established to provide skills and training to the students who have completed their studies. Product promotion & the selling platform is provided by our team. With its worldwide tie up Products are promoted and put for selling through different channel.

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Career Planning @ edictX

Advertising, Corporate Communication / PR, Writer, Client Service, Administration, HR, Technical, Production, Tele Marketing, Accounts, Internship and Other

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